Reliquia, the jewellery label everyone is wearing, just launched a new line

Valet Studio has arrived at Varga Girl 

You’ve definitely heard of Reliquia or at the very least seen the brand’s fine jewellery hanging from lobes or around the necks of almost every woman in Australia in the last two years.

Launched in 2015, the brand’s spiral earrings and coin necklace are firm favourites for Reliquia converts and we imagine that if just one more purchase is made in 2017 the pieces can officially claim the ‘cult’ label or at the very least, become a permanent pillar of Reliquia’s offering.

And while Reliquia, which is a Spanish term for family heirloom, finds its inspiration in vintage pieces it seems fine jewellery can no longer satisfy the jeweller behind the brand – who prefers to remain anonymous – as Valet, the younger, bolder sister of Reliquia launches. 

Valet Studio Handmade Jewellery

“Valet came from a desire to work with colour and dramatic shapes. Reliquia is based on the idea of jewellery that you can wear every day and easily not take off for months at a time. For Valet, I wanted to explore the idea of more ‘occasional’ jewellery,” says the designer. “I hoped to create pieces that one could put on for a day when you’re in need of a ‘pick me up’ or when you simply want to elevate your favourite denim and white tee,” the designer tells Vogue of the bold and brightly coloured resin pieces.

For this new label, resin gives the designer space to be as creative and as bold as possible, given that the material allows infinite options in colour and shape. In short, Valet is for the woman seeking adventure and thrill – the kind that can only come with a statement earring.

“I also fell in love with the idea that no two pair of earrings can ever be the same. Due to the way the resin is poured, there will always be differences within each piece and there is something personal, romantic and deeply appealing about that quality.”

Of course, resin is extremely lightweight, meaning you can be bold all day long and your ears don’t have to suffer. So go on, make a statement.

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