Who is the modern day Varga Girl?

Perth fashion lovers know that Varga Girl can dress their individuality to ensure they stand out from the mainstream. The store offers carefully curated antidotes to generic clothing, because their customer, the modern day Varga Girl, desires quality and wants to to lead, not follow. The Varga Girl is ageless. She seeks to dress her mood, not her age. Whether a Varga Girl is feeling fun, serious, sensual, powerful or relaxed, she knows she will find the right look in store to express herself.

Varga Girl

Fashion can be fickle. What was popular one month can be unfashionable the next. A unique and meticulous creative vision, season after season, has made it possible for WA fashion destination, Varga Girl, to achieve the significant milestone of 20 years in the industry.

Varga Girl endures as a directional retail space that celebrates a select blend of local, Australian and international brands. Known for their stunning shop displays, which are created with respected WA stylist Robert Marshall, Varga Girl is an immersive, thoughtful shopping experience, in an environment that champions creativity.


Varga Girl Shop Leederville


Varga Girl began as a market stall in the Perth Cultural Centre two decades ago. Leith Groves and Julie Williams had begun importing vintage denim from the United States, which became all that the cool people wanted to wear. A store followed at Arcade 800 on Hay St in Perth’s CBD and shortly thereafter, a move to Perth’s premier fashion precinct at the time, King Street. It was here, during the partnership between Leith Groves and Abby London, that Varga Girl fully realised its singular brand in the Perth fashion industry. The store became known as a key haven for fashion lovers in which to explore their penchant for original, quality brands.

Whilst Varga Girl developed quickly into a hub for fashion leaders, it became clear that the smaller King St store could not satisfy client demand. A bold relocation to a larger premises on Oxford Street, Leederville, has enabled Varga Girl to expand its creative vision and cater to a larger clientele. The expansion to an online store, is the brainchild of the latest partnership, between Leith Groves and longtime Varga Girl Caz Caparas-MacCormac.


An early decision by Varga Girl to embrace local and Australian designers was instrumental  in such labels’ popularity rising quickly. Varga Girl was an early champion of Aurelio Costarella, Su Design and aelkemi. Other local brands thanking Varga Girl for the success they have achieved, include Empire Rose, Jonte Designs, Monster Alphabets, Tindale, and I Love Mr Mittens.

Select international brands are also featured, complementing Australian pieces and completing seasonal offerings. A stunning selection can be found of pieces from Denmark, Italy, New Zealand and the United States, amongst others. Vintage pieces of exceptional quality and design merit are also on offer, honouring Varga Girl’s vintage beginnings. The predominant Varga Girl aesthetic is therefore one of carefully curated eclecticism - a myriad of styles and brands that all contribute to a strong vision of effortless style.


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Directional, diverse and daring, Varga Girl consistently speaks to the fashion innovator and her ever-evolving desires. Winner of Retailer of the Year at the 2016 WA Fashion Awards and a winner of Best Dressed Boutique in 2014, Varga Girl continues to lead the market. Maintaining their dedication to an exemplary customer experience, Varga Girl is excited to enter the online sales space. Existing customers are clamouring for the chance to shop at anytime, and the woman outside of Perth can finally become a Varga Girl.

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